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 The Holiday Gift That Will Make You Look Great (or the Recipient)

Six Pack DVD Package

DVD 1: Strength and Hypertrophy "Laying the Foundation"
DVD 2:
Explosive Power
DVD 3:
Gas in the Tank
DVD 4:
Partner Drills
DVD 5: 
Grappling Specific Conditioning
DVD 6:
Body Weight Drills

Over 8 Hours of Content
with Bonuses on Each DVD

(Amount Saved is $69 if bought individually)
Get the Whole Program for $49
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Individual Burn with Kearns' DVDs
30 Minute Core Strength Workout
The high-intensity Burn with Kearns' 30 Minute Core Strength Workout is for the intermediate to advanced exerciser, seeking variety and better results. 

The DVD is composed of three segments: In the first segment, Kevin details correct form and movement of each exercise with the help of a demonstrator. In the second segment, Kevin leads you through the complete Burn with Kearns workout, backed by an energetic soundtrack. (You also have the option of listening to Kevin's cues without the soundtrack). The DVD's third segment features two bonus workouts with Kevin performing advanced exercises.

DVD Running time: 50 minutes

(includes shipping and handling in US and Canada only) Outside these areas contact us


Basement Tapes Series for MMA Conditioning
Strength and Hypertrophy "Laying the Foundation"

This DVD is recommended for people who want to build a strong core of essential strength needed for MMA fighting or any other sport.  We combine core strength training elements and  functional strength training moves to improve your body's total fitness. This training is critical for anyone who wants to perform at their best while remaining injury free.

In this DVD we will use kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, stability balls, and even sledge hammers to strengthen your entire muscular structure. These advanced workout techniques involve using all 3 ranges of human motion - Forward, Lateral and Rotational. The workout will activate more muscle, burn calories and condition the entire body faster!

Bonus Feature: Sandbag Seven Workout
DVD Running Time: 46 minutes

(includes shipping and handling - US and Canada only)  Outside these areas contact us

Basement Tapes Series for MMA Conditioning
Explosive Power

Explosive power is critical for all sports. For mixed martial artists, it is essential. This DVD is designed to give you that explosiveness needed to perform by developing the coordinated muscular action.

Agility ladder drills are used to develop quickness in the lower body, while kettlebells and medicine ball drills are employed for full body work.  After this workout, there will not be a muscle that you have not worked - EXPLOSIVELY!

Bonus Feature: S
elf massage techniques that aid in recovery after hard workouts.
DVD Running Time: 55 minutes

(includes shipping and handling - US and Canada only) Outside these areas contact us


Basement Tapes Series for MMA Conditioning
Gas in the Tank
This DVD provides the metabolic conditioning phase needed to outlast your opponent as the rounds lag on. Fatigue is a huge factor in all sports. This training DVD gives you the cardio edge needed to push it to the limit when ever you need to.

Explosive ladder work drills are used to warm-up. Circuits have been formulated in 5 to 6 minute segments.  We use a variety of equipment, which includes super bands, bosu, stability balls, resistance bands, core boards, and body weight.  People using this DVD have had calorie burns of over 450 in just 17 minutes!

Bonus Feature: Kevin Kearns' training Kenny Florian for a UFC Fight
DVD Running Time: 75 minutes

(includes shipping and handling - US and Canada only). Outside these areas contact us

Basement Tapes Series for MMA Conditioning
Partner Drills

Get a proven, high intensity core workout that will better prepare you for any sport by incorporating partner drills! This DVD is jammed packed with drills that will significantly improve your speed, strength, balance and endurance.

These techniques have been refined over countless hours of training with elite athletes as they  prepared for combat sports. This DVD features exclusive techniques used by top MMA fighters, including Kenny Florian, Stephan Bonnar and Marcus Davis.

Bonus Feature: Kurt Pellegrino Training for UFC 88
DVD Running Time: 120 minutes

(includes shipping and handling - US and Canada only). Outside these areas contact us



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