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Mixed martial arts  Distance Training Services
Kevin personally designs all training programs. You will be able to take advantage of his 21 years of  expertise in the field of strength and conditioning.

Kevin has been at the forefront of developing the concept of wellness coordination for professional athletes.

He is also a monthly columnist for Ultimate Grappling Magazine and contributes to


 Fighters Kevin has
 worked with:

   Alex Karalexis
   Greg Rebello
   Cesar Barros
   Scott Rehm
   Murilo "Ninja" Rua
   Tim Barchard
   Mark DellaGrotte
   Keith Florian
   Kenny Florian
   Jorge Rivera
Laying the Foundation
Includes a 30 minute phone consultation, 6 week program design with our exclusive MMA Coach Online service and weekly email coaching. This will aid you in starting on the right track towards establishing a baseline to work from. From this baseline Kevin will be able to steer you on that track to reach your initial goals. This is a perfect starter for people who are tired of wondering around and not making progress.

Building the Framework 
Includes a 30 minute phone consultation, 8 week program design with our MMA Conditioning Coach Online service and weekly phone coaching for 8 weeks (30 minutes each). This is a excellent choice for those who need the additional guidance and support to enhance their program. In addition to the program design, you will be able to have access to Kevin by phone for ongoing program follow-up.

The Burn with Kearns Basement Tapes
These are individual workouts filmed in a DVD format. Kevin will coach you through an individual workout. This program also includes an initial 45 minute phone consultation, 30 minute phone consultation follow-up, and weekly email coaching. This is the best of both worlds, you receive  your own DVD specifically made for you as well as on going email support for your program. No more buying mass DVDs and taking bits and pieces to try and form a program, this one is all yours.

Burn with Kearns Conditioning Weekend
Kevin  will come to your gym or school. You will learn the fundamentals of the Burn With Kearns MMA training system - from injury prevention, to metabolic conditioning, to nutrition. What better way to learn the information, than to hear it and see it live?  This way you have constant focus on your needs and goals. At the end of that weekend you will have a road map for your conditioning plan.

Competitive Conditioning
Kevin will travel to your training facility. He will provide a comprehensive evaluation on fitness needs and goals for the event. A training program will be established for you and filmed in DVD format. Kevin will take you through the program step by step, from aerobic conditioning, to strength training protocols. This is the ultimate plan for someone really looking for that next level. It is as you are in a constant seminar for yourself about yourself. For people who want a competitive edge , this will bring it to you. The best part all the workouts art filmed!

This minimum of a 2 day requirement.  Program also include weekly email and phone coaching.

Contact Kevin Kearns at 800-516-3227 or
email him at



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"I contacted Kevin due to his success and popularity in training MMA fighters and other athletes. "

" Being a Fire Fighter and BJJ practitioner, both of which require above average levels of conditioning, I knew that he would be an invaluable asset for improving my conditioning in both of these areas."

 "Based on my goals and fitness level, Kevin designed a custom program specifically for me and since that time, I have enjoyed tremendous improvements in my strength and overall conditioning levels."

Chris Kidd
Fire Fighter
(Memphis, TN)


Burn with Kearns 508-541-3281 or email
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