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December 2, 2011
The BOSU Interview with Kevin
Since the BOSU® Balance Trainer debuted in 2000, it has became one of the most successful fitness training products in the world. With the BOSU® Balance Trainer being featured prominently in the training and certification programs Coach Kearns offers through his MMA education and training company, the official BOSU web site featured Kevin in an interview. Read Article
April 2, 2011
Burn with Kearns' Download On Demand App Released
The Burn with Kearns On Demand App is a new and exciting way to quickly deliver our expanding library of fitness training programs and wellness content conveniently to your desktop. We will also offer free content as well. A Free iPhone and iPad Application will be available in the spring, so you can watch Burn with Kearns on Demand in even more ways. Download the App and watch free previews of Burn with Kearns' programming.
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March 11, 2011
IDEA World Convention 2011 Selects Kevin as a Featured Presenter
IDEA Health & Fitness Association, the world’s leading organization of fitness and wellness professionals including personal trainers, group fitness instructors, fitness directors and fitness business owners has selected Kevin to conduct a workshop at its World Fitness Convention on August 11, 2011 in Los Angeles, CA.
December 26, 2010
MMA Certification Course Coming to Canada
The Burn with Kearns' MMA Strength and Conditioning Certification Course will be held in Newmarket, Ontario on January 15 & 16 at Chris Robinson's Martial Arts. This certification teaches fitness instructors and personal trainers, Mixed Martial Arts Training methods that Kevin developed and uses for training professional fighters.
September 1, 2010
Black Belt Magazine Interviews Kevin
Fitness expert Kevin Kearns was interviewed for the article "Fighting Fitness 101" in the October 2010 issue of Black Belt.
April 29, 2010 Names Kevin as Coach of the Month
The number one most visited bodybuilding and fitness site in the world, has named Kevin as trainer of the month for April 2010.
read article
April 26, 2010
Kevin Writing Blog for the
Inside the Octagon, the's MMA Blog now features a weekly strength and conditioning contribution from Coach Kearns.

October 14, 2009

Kevin Kearns Joins 'Fighters Only Magazine' as Strength and Conditioning Consultant
Fighters Only Magazine is proud to announce that the highly-respected MMA strength and conditioning coach Kevin Kearns has joined our web team. Kevin is the strength and conditioning coach for Sityodtong, the Boston gym headed by Mark DellaGrotte. Among the fighters he has coached to UFC success are Kenny Florian, Marcus Davis, Kurt Pellegrino and Nate Quarry, while he will soon be working with Frank Mir and Miguel Torres. read full press release
October 12, 2009 Now Carrying Burn with Kearns DVDs
The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the premier mixed martial arts organization is now carry all five Burn with Kearns strength and conditioning DVDs. Here's the link
August 31, 2009
International Martial Arts Association Appoints Kevin to New Position
Kevin has been appointed the the strength, conditioning and wellness coach for the Martial Arts University International (MAUI). The primary objective of MAUI is to share proven and tested success systems, along with an innovative  and comprehensive curriculum on all aspects necessary to become a highly successful Martial Arts educator and entrepreneur.  Kevin was appointed by Chief Master Instructor and Founder of USA Black Belt Champions, Kyoshi Steve LaVallee.
June 19, 2009
Gurgel Victorious at Strikeforce
Jorge Gurgel (13-5) outlasted Conor Heun (8-3) in a unanimous decision win in his Strikeforce debut. The bout occurred at a catchweight of 160 pounds. Kevin is Gurgel's strength and conditioning coach.
June 10, 2009
UFC Strength and Conditioning Coach Kevin Kearns Discusses Role in MMA ( Interview)
"As for training fighters... I was in the right place at the right time. I started training with my Kru and good friend Mark Dellagrotte from Sityodtong. We trained a little bit years ago but he went the martial art route and I went into fitness. We reconnected in 2005 just as the first season had finished for the UFC TV show." read article
May 11, 2009
"3 Steps to MMA Greatness" - Kevin Contributes Article to July issue of Inside Kung-Fu
However, no matter how many skills a fighter brings to the table, no matter how big he or how hard he punches, the outcome inevitably comes down to conditioning. read article (pdf)
April 3, 2009
Kevin Writes Feature for Debut Issue of Fighters Only Magazine
Learn how to get punch proof abs.  read article
March 27, 2009
Sherk Losss Saved Kenny (UK Sun)
DEFEAT to Sean Sherk proved to be the turning point in Kenny Florian’s mixed martial arts’ career, according to his fitness coach Kevin Kearns. read article
March 25, 2009
Spotlight on Kevin Kearns (UK Sun)
KEVIN KEARNS went from being the last pick on the football team to one of mixed martial arts’ most influential figures. read article
March 23, 2009
Florian and Kearns Bring Incredible Seminar to Extreme Couture to Toronto (
Number 1 UFC lightweight contender Kenny Florian and Strength and conditioning coach Kevin Kearns were in Toronto at Xtreme Couture over the weekend and put on one of the best MMA seminars that the city has seen in a long time. read article
March 17, 2009
April Issue of Men's Fitness Features UFC Workout IV
by Kevin
Building martial arts muscle is the theme of the workout Kevin showcases in the April 2009 issue of Men's Fitness. This is the second workout of Kevin's that Men's Fitness has featured. read article
February 22, 2009‏ Names Kevin as their Strength and Conditioning Editor
February 10, 2009
Martial artists reach out to help local family

(North Attleborough) - Discipline. Charity. Self-esteem. Self-control. Life-preservation. Simply words to the mere mortal, but to the martial arts student, those are the keys to making the world go round.
read article

January 21, 2009
Bust Some New Moves (Metrowest Daily News)
But those who haven't regularly worked out need to work up to all that activity and pursue it properly to avoid injury, aches and other hazards. That's true whether you're 5 or 15 or 50, says Kevin Kearns. But it doesn't have to be boring and "all-work" when you're working out. read article
January 5, 2009
"Foods to Fight On" Kevin Contributes Article to January Issue of Fight Magazine.
Follow this daily nutritional plan to maximize your everyday performance. Fight Magazine is available at most major bookstores including Barnes and Noble.
October 18, 2008
Spike TV Feature on Kenny Florian Training with Kevin
        Watch Video
October 10, 2008
Grappler's Gym Interviews Kevin
           Listen to MP3
           Read Article
October 8, 2008
Three More UFC Fighters Name Kevin Kearns as Their Strength and Conditioning Coach
UFC fighters Patrick Cote, Marcus Davis and Jorge Gurgel have named Kevin Kearns as their strength and conditioning coach.
August 9, 2008
Martial Arts School Trade Publication Features Kevin
Kevin wrote an article entitled "Reducing Obesity with Functional Strength Training" in Eagle Express, a management guide for martial arts school owners that serves clients in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, UK, Ireland and New Zealand.
UCF Workout II
Men's Fitness, June 2008

Build ultimate fighting muscle, definition, and mental toughness in just
four weeks. read article
30 Minutes to MMA Fame
Inside Kung Fu - June 2008
Kevin Kearns' Burn with Kearns MMA Workout Gives Contenders A Second Gear When Their Opponents Run Out of Gas.  read article  pdf
Different Paths to an Octagon Collision
Boston Herald, April 1, 2008
Florian (9-3) credits the assistance of Kevin Kearns in getting to this point. Florian hasn’t lost since enlisting Kearns’ services as his strength and conditioning coach early in 2007. read article
Iron Stomach
Maxim Magazine, February 2008
Convert your bow-shaped belly keg into an arrowproof six-pack with a gauntlet of grueling UFC worthy moves. Abs, prepare to be unceremoniously unearthed. Kevin shows 9 exercises you need for any sport. Article on pages 102-103 read online version
Bar Fight
Inside Fighting, December 4, 2007
You may start reading this and think “cool, a bar fight.” Well yes and no. It‘s not exactly what you think. It’s an exercise that can help you with your MMA game.
read article
Drag Him Into Deep to Water
Ultimate Grappling Magazine, October 2007
Fight week can be an intense experience with a climatic or anti-climatic ending. Following is a view from the thick of it. read article
10 Times Worse (And Better)
Ultimate Grappling Magazine, September 2007

There is no off-season in UFC Fighter Kenny Florian's Brutal, Fighting, Sport-Specific Training. And Florian says he's in better shape now. Find how out he and Kevin Kearns, did it. read article
Kenny Florian Training Day
Inside Fighting, July 4, 2007
Before his last fight UFC light weight Kenny Florian joked that he “might actually look like a fighter” this time around. Well, it turns out he wasn’t actually joking. read article
It Takes a Team
Grappler's Gym, June 2007
Last November, I became the fulltime conditioning and strength coach for UFC Fighter Kenny Florian. After losing a close decision for the Lightweight Championship in October, Kenny wanted to bring his strength and conditioning to a higher level. subscription required
Strength and Conditioning Revolution
Ultimate Podcast, June 19, 2007

Kevin is a guest on the Ultimate Podcast, which features UFC news, interviews from your favorite UFC fighters. Listen to podcast
Perfect Workouts for the Perfectly Workout-Averse
Boston Magazine, May 2007
“Martial arts, and Muay Thai in particular, help develop what I call BRAAD,” says Florian’s conditioning trainer, Kevin Kearns. “Balance, Reaction, Agility, Acceleration, and Deceleration.” 

photo of Kevin, Boston Magazine writer and Kenny Florian click here
Coach for local Ultimate Fighter also fires up everyday folks to Burn (Pounds) With Kearns
Metrowest Daily News,
January 24, 2007
The United States has more overweight people than any other country in the world, and type 2 diabetes is on the rise. Computers have replaced activity for many. All-you-can-eat buffets, sizes that go to XXXL, and a lack of time all contribute to a chubby nation.  read article
Trainer goes to Kevin Kearns uses free video site to promote business
Medfield Press, September 29, 2006
Now, one Medfield personal trainer is using - the free Web site which allows users to upload personal videos, and view clips others have posted - to show the online world that fitness can be as close as your living room or office. read article
Flintstone Fitness Clubs Tone Us Like Cavemen
Brookline Magazine, July 2005
Would you be able to hunt and kill for your food to make dinner tonight? It may not sound very appealing, but what if you knew this method of dinner preparation burns 1,600 calories a day. read article
FOX 25 WFXT - Boston
Kevin Kearns' Stone Age Fitness Program  
10pm Newscast: 4 Minute Segment broadcast May 19, 2005

A new workout rooted in history and inexpensive.
watch video of segment


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